Working Livery and Loaning

Larkspur Ponies & Horses Available for Loan

Working Livery/Loaning is an excellent way for bridging the gap closer between riding lessons and owning your own horse or pony.

Under Larkspurs care, you can learn and grow with the horse or pony at your own pace while under supervision and advice from the team. It also enables you to own your own without the initial investment, responsibility or commitment of owning your own horse until you know you are ready.

One of our lovely working livery horses `Maggie` ridden by Kate!


Working Livery for Owners and Loaners

Working Livery is an all-inclusive livery where the horses work in the school to subsidise their livery price. Working livery has many more additional benefits than any other livery we provide.

Riding Benefits on your horse or pony

• 30% off all lessons
• 25% of special events

Other Benefits

• Learn to look after your horse under a professional and experienced team
• Social environment with other horse owners
• You can be involved as much or as little as you like
• Owner prices on lessons
• We care for your horse 365 days a year (even Christmas Day!)

Included in Working Livery

• Stable rent
• Bedding
• Hay
• Standard hard feed
• Day to day care and grooming
• Care of minor ailments

All our ponies and horses available for loan are only available to internal clients only on a 12 month contract with one months notice either side.

Livery to be paid in advance.

For more information please email: