Booking System


Larkspur Family is calling all clients! We have invested in a new booking system for the riding school and have been working away in the back ground researching and setting it up for the past 6 months. Finally, bringing us into the 21st Century!

LONG TERM this will allow clients to book lessons and events online, in addition to payments being automated and will make everything a lot easier for all. We will be implementing the system in stages, to try and make it as smooth a transition as possible but, we know there will be a few bumps along the way.

SHORT TERM we NEED YOU to add yourself and any riders linked to you (basically riders you are financially responsible for), to follow the link below – Please ensure all sections are fully completed for each rider including DOB and contact details. We need you to do this as soon as possible. This then allows us time to be able to iron out any issues that may arise. We will be there every step of the way to support you if need it- from what we have seen so far this is a great system that is easy to navigate- basically exactly what we wanted! So- we are turning on to the final stretch- itโ€™s gonna ROCK! ๐Ÿค˜

Please click the link below and follow the steps to create a new account!

Step 1: Click this link >>
Step 2: Click >> “New? Create an Account!”
Step 3: Fill in your email/create password (the first/main profile must be finically responsible/adult for riding)
Step 4: Verify email
Step 5: Log into profile and complete your personal information (yes, even if you don’t ride ๐Ÿ™ƒ )
Step 6: Add any additional rider profiles via your account

Once you are all up and running you can add the booking system to you home screen which will act like a little app so you can review the lessons you have booked in.

Please continue to book/pay for your next set of vouchers no later than your last lesson in the office.