Office Staff

Sarah Chettle – Director

Sarah and Basheera – her home bred Arabian mare

Sarah studied for her degree in Equine Management at Merrist Wood under Kingston University and has used her practical knowledge to have successfully managed two BHS riding schools and livery yards. Sarah has owned and worked with horses all her life and is passionate about them and their welfare. With drive to seek her mark on the industry, she has taken the opportunity in 2016 to establish her own family friendly livery yard and riding school.

Andy Binnersley – Business Manager & Partner

(Yes Andy, I still need a corporate photo, and until I get it, this is it!)

Andy’s career has been in security and safety systems and in 2006 started his own business providing his vision of high-quality installations and a personal service. Andy also has a passion for youth work, volunteering as a street based detached youth worker for Hampshire county council. He is now assisting Larkspur in developing and marketing our business and, at the behest of his pony-mad daughters and the relief of his long-suffering wife, spends a large amount of time running around for us. He and his oldest daughter Alice now own Dougal and Jack.

Caron Swadling – Office Manager

Aside from climbing bareback onto horses in a field when she was 13, Caron only started riding as an adult in her 40s. Gradually sucked into the equine world when her daughter, our very own Georgia Swadling, started riding at 12, Caron now owns her very own pony and regularly takes her for sponsored rides and beach trips. Now our office manager, Caron’s no-nonsense approach, speedy typing skills and friendly disposition are a huge asset to the office dynamic. Outside of the office, Caron is attempting to convince Sarah to gift her TinTin.

Alison Francis

Alison & Shrimpy!

Alison and her teenage daughter joined us as clients in 2018 and quickly fell in love with Larkspur. Having ridden since she was only 8 years old Alison fit right into our horsey family and joined the office team in October 2020, heroically managing the chaos of a riding school during lockdown with the aid of copious cups of coffee, a big smile and a fresh hairdo. Alison and her daughter Neve are also the proud owners of our very own Shrimpy, beloved in the riding school.

Kerry Milton

Kerry originally joined our team 4 years ago when her daughter first started riding with us. Since then she has ingratiated herself more and more deeply into the foundations of what makes us Larkspur. Despite having never ridden a horse herself Kerry is passionate about their welfare, with them being her top priority even over our clients. Rarely seen without her smiley cockapoo Maggie in tow, Kerry is known for the charismatic and utterly sincere spiel she gives new clients about what we do. Now that both her children have regular lessons, the Milton family will be an even more common occurrence on the grounds of Beacon Hill, and we couldn’t be more chuffed!

Jasmine Dodwell

Jasmine out on a hack!

Jasmine started riding when she was 4 on, by some stroke of fate, our very own Fudge! She was completely horse-mad the whole time she was growing up, helping out on yards and riding until 16. Now working in our office and back to riding every week Jasmine says she’s never happier than in the saddle but being part of the Larkspur team is a close second. Chatty, a little bit nutty and always up for a challenge we’re very happy to welcome Jasmine to our team.

Georgia Swadling

Georgia and our homebred Loki!

Georgia is difficult to fit into one tab, part-time instructor, yard hand, gardener and office staff and full time jack-of-all-trades she’s a real Larkspur chameleon. Taught to ride at 12 by our very own Sarah Chettle she’s been turning up like a bad penny ever since and is firmly part of the Larkspur family. Whether it’s some last minute party-planning, weeding, or website writing 😉 Georgia’s your girl!