Here at Larkspur Equestrian we pride ourselves in delivering quality tuition for clients from four years old and above with all abilities welcome up to 14st. We use a range of teaching techniques to suit our riders and give them a sound education and confidence right from the start.

New Riders to Larkspur

First time riders to Larkspur are required to book a private assessment lesson, which can be booked at most times throughout the week and weekends depending on availability. From the lesson our instructors can recommend what level of group lesson will be most suitable for you, or advise further private lessons before joining a group.

Introductory Offer

Our Introductory offer consists of 8x 1/2 private lessons (min of one a week). This option gives our new rider time to build the basics and confidence at their speed and try a variety of horses in a one-to-one environment. It also helps us pair up the perfect partner to maintain the best and safest riding experience for your level. The one-to-one lessons helps you”find your feet” until you are ready to progress to group lessons or alternatively continue with private lessons.

Private Lessons

Private lessons can be booked individually or on our discounted voucher scheme (weekly riding only). Lesson duration ranges from 1/2 hour to 3/4 hour.

Progressive Groups

Children and adults who can already ride, start at Larkspur with a half hour one-to-one assessment lesson. From the lesson your instructor will recommend what level of group lesson will be most suitable for you or if you need a few more one-to-ones before joining a group. Our group lessons are available to book in after school during the week and on weekends. Once you have joined a group lesson you will be regularly assessed to see if you are ready to move up a level.

Quality Horses

Our beloved riding school horses and ponies consists of a mixture of Larkspur owned and privately owned animals currently on our working livery scheme. All the horses working in the school receive the very best care and attention from the staff, owners and our welfare team.